Martin Felix

Martin Felix, fitness coach

Martin Felix.

We are fortunate to have on board with us, Sheen’s local sports therapist and personal trainer, Martin Felix.

Martin will be writing regular features on sport and fitness issues – and providing you with general advice and guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting the most out of your sport.

Martin has been actively involved in sport throughout his life: rugby, mountain biking, adventure racing, road cycling, hill walking, climbing and mountaineering.  as a result, he has accumulated a wealth of personal experience both good and bad, which he can pass on to his clients – and to us.

Martin is qualified as a personal trainer and has over 10 years experience helping people of all abilities and all levels of fitness. Over this period, Martin has worked with professional and amateur athletes, weekend warriors, actors, singers and the general public. Martin has worked with numerous health clubs and – on specific events – with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the England women’s rugby team.

Further information can be obtained from Martin’s own website where you can see some of the challenges that Martin has successfully taken on. These include:

Tough Guy,

Three Peaks race


Pikes Peak Mountain Marathon


 Blue Eskimo

Fred Whitton Challenge,

The Tour of Wessex

The Marmotte

Base camp Everest & Khumbu Ice Fal

Alaskan Mountaineering

The West Highland Way

Maxx Exposure

Open Adventure

The London Marathon.

We are delighted to have Martin’s input to our website. We hope you are too!!





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