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Is your child struggling at school ?


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There can be many reasons why your child is having difficulties coping with his school work.

For a start, not every child learns in exactly the same way. Some children can quickly understand and remember verbal information given by the teacher whilst others need to visualise what the teacher is talking about or need to be physically shown. It may be that your child needs some extra help. There are common problems that may underlie your child’s difficulties at school. Whilst severe dyslexics will often get detected early on, children with intermittent symptoms may sometimes get missed until behaviour problems or confidence issues start to appear. Read more ……


Information on local schools

Sheen, Barnes, Kew, Richmond upon Thames
Secondary Schools

  • Christ’s School
  • Grey Court School
  • Orleans Park School
  • Richmond Park Academy
  • Twickenham Academy
  • Waldegrave School for girls
  • Richmond-upon-Thames College (6th form college)


Earlier articles

Back to school

Girl sitting on pile of booksHolidays are over and new school terms have started. For some children, this can be an exciting new prospect; for many others it is a challenge. How they cope depends on how they adapt. For some, it is harder than others.

Getting your kids back into a routine for a new term at school is rarely easy. The longer the holiday, the more difficult it is for them to adapt. Later bedtimes, sleeping in, eating too many of the wrong foods! …. plus all the traumas of getting ready for the new term – and even worse, a new school. Summer homework is remembered; paperwork can’t be found. It’s a wonder we bother with holiday times at all!

It can take time to get children back into a regular routine of doing homework, eating the right foods and getting to bed at a sensible time. We understand the problems, so here are some ideas and suggestions on how to cope.





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