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As a home stylist I am often asked how to create a specific theme for a room.

Accessories are of course, an important way of creating a theme and even when there is not much of a budget to spare, they can help transform even the most basic room into something a little bit special.

This year Valentine’s Day falls in a leap year, which means ladies, that if your man has been a bit slow to name the day, this could be your time to propose. Creating a cosy, romantic environment within your home can certainly help set the scene for a proposal.

Of course, you don’t need to be thinking about proposing to create a romantic mood within your home. Even long term married couples can benefit from injecting a little more romance into their lives. Valentine’s Day serves as a useful reminder to appreciate those we love dearly but sometimes neglect. These days when life can be so hectic – especially with the pressures of work and the stresses of organising the family activities, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the romance that used to be in our lives.

So, this year ladies, let leap year be your year to spice up your love and romance – and for some of you, to make that proposal as well. With this in mind I’ve put together some romantic home accessory ideas to inspire you for Valentine’s Day and set the scene not just for the 14th of February but the whole year ahead.

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Information on accessories and products shown abov:

  1. Wine bucket
  2. lasses
  3. Table mats
  4. Wicker hearts
  5. Silver Heart
  6. Candle holders (2 types)
  7. Silver vase
  8. Chaise Lounge

The products shown in the first photograph:


My Sheen Village - Local News and Information - Home and Garden - Valentine card - Classic Collections

Valentine card

Classic Collections
379 Upper Richmond Road West
London SW14 7NX
Tel: 020 8876 5769


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433 Upper Richmond Road West
Sheen, London SW14 7PJ
Tel: 020 8876 7105


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361 Upper Richmond Road West, Sheen, London SW14 8QN
Tel: 020 8876 2066

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Natalie’s Home Styling Q&As

Furniture, furnishings, accessories, home styling and interior design.

Hi Everyone,Natalie Norwell

Here are some of the typical questions that people are asking me about at the moment. I hope you find the answers helpful and give you some thoughts and ideas for your own home.

I have just decorated my bedroom by painting the walls a warm teal colour but it is looking rather clinical and boring at the moment. How can I warm it up?

Teal is a beautiful colour and, depending on whether you have chosen any furniture for the room yet, I would highly recommend oak. Oak is a honey timber and not only complements your colour scheme but will also inject warmth into the room.

If you have the space for a small armchair, choose a mustard linen, this will give a visual depth and texture to the room. A throw placed over the arm adds a snug feeling too as will a tall floor lamp beside your armchair.

Oak coffee tableYou can currently find some beautiful patterned lamp shades which again offer added warmth once the light filters through.

Teal coloures swatchGold swatchWhite shaggy rug




Now that Autumn is upon us, sheepskin rugs placed on wooden floors will not only give a pleasant cosy feel but will also be hugely comforting in the dark early mornings. It is important to be surrounded by the things you love, so don’t be afraid to place some of your existing accessories around the room.

I currently have a brown leather sofa suite and would now like to dress my windows, what colours and texture would you recommend?

You have played it safe with your sofa option, which I think is a clever choice as it means you can go bold with other items in the room such as curtains or cushions. And, if you choose to replace them at a later date, then it won’t be a huge cost.

I recommend having a look at some velvets which are very on-trend at the moment and work perfectly against leathers; they are soft and inviting so offset the coolness of leathers well. I would also recommend adding some accent cushions in the same shade but with a different design, this will pull the whole look together.

Chocolate brown leather sofa


Red and gold swatchChocolate brown leather sofaRed and brown dogstooth swatch for use with chocolate leather sofaRed lamp to go with chocolate leather sofa






I am planning a big family gathering and want to be able to sit everyone at a table but have limited space. Is there a compromise I could reach?
It is a lovely thing to have loved ones sat together, whether it’s for Christmas or any other special occasion. Depending on how many people you are entertaining, I am sure I have a good solution for you.

I would recommend an extending table with a base size of 180x100cm with the option to extend. An extending table will be best for you as then, when you are not using the leaves, they stow away neatly under the table. Great for space saving. Once extended you will have a table that can sit 12-14 comfortably and with a depth of 100cm you will be able to place food in the centre of the table so that everyone can help themselves, resulting in you too having a relaxing time!

Dining table - Surroundings

I have a new range of beautiful accessories in the store at the moment. I am really excited about these, so if you are looking for some fresh ideas for your home, do pop by and have a browse. We’ve lots of beautiful furniture, fabrics and accessories to inspire you for the coming season.

Natalie Norwell


For further information about Surroundings visit:

To book an appointment with Natalie to help you to re-style your home or revitalise one of your rooms:

Telephone: 020 8876 2066

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361 Upper Richmond Road West, Sheen, London SW14 8QN

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