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Picture of Dr J Zhou at Total Wellbeing
Dr Zhou at Total Wellbeing

 Medical and complementary research continues to show the benefits of acupuncture for a range of health conditions.

At the Total Wellbeing Clinic, Dr. Julei Zhou uses traditional Chinese medicine that includes acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help his patients with problems such as: anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, back pain, sports injuries, digestive disorders, skin ailments, infertility and many other acute and chronic conditions.

Dr Zhou putting acupuncture needles into patient's back
Dr Zhou showing how acupuncture needles are put into a patient's back

Trained in both Western and Chinese medicine, Dr Zhou worked for many years in a teaching hospital in China before coming to England in the late 1980s to work in a clinical practice.

Since setting up his own clinic in Sheen Lane more than 6 years ago, he has built up a reputation as a skilled practitioner with an excellent success rate. This, combined with his wonderfully cheerful and compassionate nature makes the Total Wellbeing Clinic an ideal choice for many people wishing to take a complementary medicine approach to their health and well being.

Acupuncture treatment at the Total Well Being Clinic is undertaken in one of 3 restful rooms where you can unwind to music. Anyone who hasn’t experienced acupuncture treatment before can be reassured that the fine (disposable) acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin so skilfully by Dr. Zhou that the whole procedure is quite relaxiing

Jars with Chinese herbs
Jars with Chinese herbs

Each acupuncture session is often concluded by a therapeutic massage to help promote relaxation, healing and wellbeing.

The massage helps improve the flow of blood, eliminate waste from the body, relax muscles and sends messages to the brain to release painrelieving endorphins.

The use of therapeutic Chinese herbs and traditional Chinese medicines are often used to support and continue the benefits of the acupuncture treatment. The herbs are prescribed either in their natural state, to be brewed up as a tea, or in tablet form.

Infertility: One area of treatment where Dr Zhou has been having particular success is with infertility. By using a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine many of the physiological functions that are associated with infertility can be rebalanced.

Shelf with traditional Chinese medicines
Traditional Chinese medicines

Chinese acupuncture helps to harmonise the functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to normalize ovulation. It can a also assist with improving the endometrial quality of the uterus for successful embryo implantation.

The British Medical Journal has reported that the use of acupuncture as a complementary therapy alongside IVF can increase the chance of pregnancy by up to 65%.

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The Total Wellbeing Clinic is located at: 28B Sheen Lane, Sheen SW14 8LW.

The Clinic is only a few minutes’ walk from Mortlake Station. Drivers can park in the Civic Centre car park off Sheen Lane or there are nearby parking meters (free after 4.30 pm).

For a free initial consultation to discuss your current health problem:Telephone 020 8878 8438 – or for further information see the website:

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