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Welcome to our Health and Fitness Magazine.

In this and future issues we aim to provide you with information and advice on all aspects of health and fitness. More content will be uploaded over the next few weeks so that you will be able to access a wide range of articles on topics of interest to you and your family.

There will be in-depth features on subjects as varied as: nutrition and diet;  ways of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; acupuncture, reflexology, homeopathy, hypnotherapy and other natural therapies, kids and their health and so on. 

There will also be articles on exercise and ways of keeping fit as well as information on the more common ailments – and ways to use natural remedies to overcome them. And then we will also try to cover some of the more popular sports.

Our aim is to provide feature articles that contain a wealth of information together with advice and helpful hints on how you and your family can stay healthy – and what to do when something goes wrong. 


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These articles are currently being uploaded so you might find the one you are most interested in is not yet available.

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About Juicers and juicing: if you’re not a fan already, let us tell you about the benefits of  juicing.

Best vegetables for juicing: tips on choosing the best vegetables – and fruit – to use in your juicer.

Which is the best Juicer for Juicing juice?  Advice on the different juicers on the market and suggestions as to which might be the best one to suit your own particular needs.

Ten tips for a healthier lifestyle: ten tips that could extend your life span.

Healthy eating – for kids (and adults).

DR CAROLINE – Q & A’s: tips and advice from Dr Caroline Longmore on how to keep yopu and your family fit and healthy all year round. 


Chamomile and homeopathic medication - natural health - health and fitness - my sheen village


Acupuncture: an introduction

Homeopathy: the benefits of homeopathy; dispelling the myths ; the use of homeopathy to treat a wide variety of ailments and both chronic and acute conditions .

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic therapy which involves pressure being applied to areas of the feet or hands using specific massage techniques.  

Stress management, Hypnotherapy and hypnosis….  the secrets of Autogenics.

Massage: feeling comfortable about massage. 

Indian head massage.


Woman with head in hands - SAD - Conditions- health and fitness - my sheen village


SAD – SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER: an estimated 6% of population are seriously affected by the lack of light and are unable to funtion normally.

The amazing technique used by Olympic Athletes to enhance their performance.

Pilates and injury prevention.

Treating achilles tendon injuries with natural remedies.

Sick little girl with mother - kids health - just kids - my sheen village


Keeping kids active: unplug the games console – the benefits of getting your kids involved in sport and other outdoor activities.

Workshops and classes for kids – outdoor activities.

Coping with sniffles and snuffles whether it ‘s winter, spring, summer or fall/utumn…..

Homeopathic and natural remedies for some common children’s complaints.

Toddlers and dental care: the importance of toothbrushing and dental hygene.

Toddlers’ tantrums

Safety advice for summer that is relevant all year round.


Woman keeping fit - exercise and fitness - health and fitness - my sheen village


Fitness training: so what can you do if you can’t go to the gymn?

Hashing: a crazy 60 year old idea that still attracts adherents around the world. Go on join a Hash Pack and get hashing !!

A walk in Richmond Park: two hours of pure pleasure at a medium pace that will do you the world of good.

Dogs and their owners get fit together.

The ancient secret of the fountain of youth: how Tibetan monks have discovered how to live long(er) vibrant and healthy lives.




Beginners guide: top tips for purchasing your first bike. Buying your first bike can be daunting; here is some advice to help you on that first step.

How to keep fit and save money with the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Are you nervous on your bike? Although there is nothing like fresh air and exercise to make you feel good, many people are concerned about the busy roads and the London traffic.

The leaves that were green have turned to brown: an introduction to cycling.

Contributions from our cycling expert, Dai.

Service your cycle: a guide to local cycle services.


Men playing golf - sport - health and fitness - my sheen village


Golf: advice and tips from our golf expert David Bown.

How  misconceptions about technique can ruin all your efforts trying to improve !

How to get the most out of your next golf lesson.

A selection of questions for the beginner at golf.

Cycling: an introduction to cycling from Dai, our cycling expert. 

Report and photographs from the London Duathlon.

The Boat Race: report and photographs from the 2012 Boat Race. The 2013 race is on Saturday 23 March.

The Great River Race.


Bookshelves - books on health - health and fitness - my sheen village


Book reviews for improving health and wellbeing: achieving optimum health and wellbeing should entail a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious diet, appropriate exercise and the ability to cope with stress in an effective way. Here are 10 books that have been recommended by other readers.

Our top 20 books for fitness and performance: book reviews for books on sports psychology, inspiration, fitness training, sports injuries and nutriition.



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