East Sheen Primary School

East Sheen Primary School


Upper Richmond Road West,
Sheen, London SW14 8ED

Telephone: 020 8876 7484
Email: info@eastsheen.richmond.sch.uk
Website: www.eastsheen.richmond.sch.uk

Head teacher: Mrs Helen Colbert


East Sheen Primary School montageEast Sheen Primary School is a two-form-entry primary school with a reputation for providing a high standard of education in a happy and fun environment.

The school claims to offer a well-rounded, broad based, exciting education to all their pupils and believes that,as a result, their children have a reputation as confident, well-mannered and sociable people, who will participate in and contribute to the community.

Recent OFSTED reports reflect a school that demonstrates a record of outstanding educational achievement with consistently strong annual results.

The school has recently opened a new Reception building and has improved the school grounds considerably; there are long term plans for bringing all classrooms up to a high standard.

All of this has been achieved as a result of an extremely good working relationship between the Governors and the teaching staff – and an exceptionally active PTA that over the years, has raised substantial funds to help with these and other improvements. This school is a good example of children, parents, staff and governors, all working together as a single team.

 The benefits of this can be seen in the improved learning facilities, in particular a superb outdoor learning environment with a trim trail and improved flora and fauna.


Children are admitted to the school in the Autumn Term of the school year in which they have their 5th birthday. Children whose birthday falls between 1 April and 31 August may delay entry into school until January if their parents so wish.

All pupils currently attend only on mornings for this first term, although the school may be extending this provision in the future.

The criteria for admissions are as follows:

1.    Siblings: children with a sister or brother attending school at their time of entry.

2.    Proximity to the school, measured by the sEast Sheen Primary School Head and Deputy headhortest route, excluding footpaths but including railway bridges.

Visits for prospective parents are held monthly on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am. The tour lasts approximately one hour, where you will be shown a DVD about the school, then taken around the school to see the staff and children in our stimulating school environment.

Appointments can be made by contacting the school office and everyone is welcome.



November 27: Sunday 11.00 to 16.00

Christmas Bazaar

East Sheen Primary School Christmas Bazaar poster


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