Darell Primary School

Darell Primary SchoolDarell Primary School
Darell Road,
Richmond TW9 4LQ

Telephone: 020 8876 6721
Website: www.darellprimary.org.uk

Head Teacher: Miss Laura Whately


Darell Primary School has a history that spans 100 years and believes that this heritage – plus its modern facilities – helps provide its students with a fun and stimulating learning environment that will ensure a solid foundation for future success with a lifelong love of learning.

Darell has a tradition of offering innovative and stimulating programmes of study to guide the children’s learning from nursery through to transfer to secondary school. 

Laura Whateley, Head teacher at Darell Primary School“At Darell, we place emphasis on providing a broad and balanced curriculum to support children’s all round development. We have high expectations for children’s academic achievement as well as their social development….

…..Visitors to the school often comment on the warmth of relationships among the school community and we endeavour to involve families in their children’s education. Volunteers make a significant contribution to children’s experiences in school and we greatly value this involvement”

Head Teacher, Miss Laura Whately:

School Aims:

Darell Primary School focuses on the development of each child through a curriculum that emphasises both academic and creative achievement. 
The school philosophy is based on consideration of children’s development in intellectual, social and moral, emotional and personal, aesthetic, spiritual and physical terms. This is reflected in an enriched curriculum with the creative arts incorporated into every aspect of school life.

Landscape picture from Darell Primary SchoolIn this context, the school aims to create a pleasant and calm environment in which children learn happily. At the same time they are encouraged to value their own and others’ work and to become independent learners and to enjoy learning for its own sake. The school aims to achieve three things:

1)  The basics so that all children can read and write confidently and manage the mathematics they meet in daily life.
2) To prepare the children for an ever-changing world, for jobs which may not yet exist and to enjoy a wide range of personal interests in their leisure time. 

3) To enable the children to become rounded adults with an awareness that the world is full of possibilities and that their own lives may be enriched by developing their talents and interests in the widest range of cultural, sporting and academic activities.

New Building work:

Darell Primary School has recently had new building work done to allow the relocation of the specialist provision for pupils with moderate and severe learning needs downstairs and to create a new main entrance. Permission for this development was granted in February 2011, following consultation with the local community. The intention was to complete the specialist provision in time for it to be in use for the start of  the 2011 academic year and the new main entrance completed by December 2011.

As a result of this project some of the internal spaces have been reorganised. Additional benefits will include a new food technology area, new welfare space, additional corridor into the junior playground, dedicated studio space, new reception toilets and some alternative storage facilities.


The school has a Nursery and a Primary School.


Children start in either September or January depending on available places.

Reception children start in September for a morning session (8.55-12.00) until Christmas.
In January, all children are full-time (8.55-3.15)

As soon as your child is 2 years old, you can make an informal registration at the school.  Registration forms are available from the school office or you may telephone the school.  This will ensure that you are included on the database for nursery applications.

Complete a school registration form (available from the school office) to ensure that you are on the school’s database.

For new intake into Reception, a brochure will be sent to you in July giving you information about the admissions process. All eligible children in the nursery will also be sent a brochure for admission to the Primary School.

For all other admissions, these should be made on-line to the Local Authority. www.richmond.gov.uk/online_admissions

Alternatively, forms can be collected from the School Admissions Section at the Civic Centre in Twickenham (020 8891 7514).

One form can be completed for both nursery and school.


Tuesday October 18

Darell Primary School Open Day Poster








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