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Increasing popularity of allotments:

Allotments have become increasingly popular over the years, reflecting a growing interest in people growing their own vegetables and the strength of the community spirit that is often found in such environments.

There is a surprising number of allotments in Sheen and the surrounding area. We have identified 12 sites spread across Sheen, Barnes, Kew and Richmond and there are obviously more in other parts of the Richmond Borough.

The majority of the plots measure approx 125 square metres (5 Rods) although there are a few smaller plots provided on some of the sites.

How to rent an allotment:

Allotments are rented out by the local Council and there are often long waiting lists for access to a site.

Renting an allotment does not require any experience or knowledge but you should be prepared to tend to your plot on a regular basis, particularly during the Summer months when everything is growing rapidly, to ensure that your plot does not become overgrown and out of control. Experienced gardeners are often ready to offer advice and support to new and inexperienced plot holders. 

Rents are calculated on an annual basis according to their size. Local residents wishing to rent an allotment should contact Richmond Council to enquire about current availability and rental cost.   There are 50% concessions available for those residents who are over 60, are unemployed, claim disability benefits, students or those on low income.

Allotment details:

All the sites are fitted with communal water taps and generally they are within easy reach of most plots.

The Council does not provide sheds but occasionally new tenants may be able to negotiate to take over a shed owned by the outgoing tenant.

Allotment Locations:


1.    Palewell Fields allotments

Palewell Park, East Sheen, SW14 8JJ

2.    The Triangle allotments

Palewell Park, East Sheen, SW14 8JG

3.    Hertford Avenue allotments

Hertford Avenue, East Sheen, SW14 8RE

4.    The Priory allotments

Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, SW14 8ED

5.    Palewell Park allotments

Hertford Avenue, East Sheen, SW14 8RE


6.    Old Palace Lane allotments

Old Palace Lane, Richmond, TW9 1PG

7.    Queens Road allotments

Queens Road, Richmond, TW10 5BJ

8.    Manor Road allotments

Manor Road, Richmond, TW10 5AB


9.    Townmead allotments

Townmead Road, Kew, TW9 4EN

10.   Short Lots allotments

Bushwood Road, Kew, TW9 3BZ


11.   Westfields allotments

Westfields Avenue, Barnes, SW13 0PN

12.   St Annes Passage allotments

Wyatt Drive, Barnes, SW13 8DA

For further information from the local Council:



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