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David Bown with Arnold Palmer

David Bown

David Bown is a PGA Advanced golf professional and Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor – one of only 25 in the UK. He has been playing golf for most of his life and has been a member of the PGA for over 30 years.

He currently teaches golfers full time,  from complete beginners to full-time professionals.

He has been a frequent visitor to the USA attending seminars and coaching summits and, over the years, has studied some of  the best players in the game – such as Arnold Palmer, shown above with David. This has also given him the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the very best coaches.

David Bown playing golfIn David’s own words, he teaches to the individual’s requirements.

His approach is quite straightforward; he takes note of  the golfer’s skill level and then provides a blueprint for them to improve. Golf is a game for life and we all want to improve our game – and enjoy our golf.

David’s attitude is that, if your golf is not improving, you need to change what you are doing. If you keep doing the same things,  you will continue to get the same results ! 

There is no guessing or opinion involved. He deals in facts not myths. For example, he uses the latest hi-speed digital systems to film an individual’s swing in super-slow motion. He is then able to analyse the swing and provide a detailed diagnosis of what is wrong. This saves time and you stop practicing – and reinforcing – your faults.

The student is the most important part of the lesson experience. Using drills and teaching aids that he has collected over the years, he provides great feedback to speed up your improvement.
Read David’s article on his experience tecahing a young student how to improve his game.

Why not book a lesson and give it a try ?
Bown Golf Academy is based at Richmond Park golf courses.

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