Starsky’s Chinese Horoscopes for 2013, Year of the Water Snake

Rat Signs (born between 6th Feb 2008 – 25th Jan 2009) 

According to the Chinese zodiac system, Pets born between 6th February 2008 and 25th January 2009 are Rats.  This of course will be irritating to cats who much prefer chasing them and confusing to dogs who know they are dogs  because it says so on the food tin.  

Regardless of this, my bewildered pets, if you were born between 6th February 2008 and January 25th 2009 then you are indeed a Rat.  However, the good news is that the first half of 2013 will be an excellent one for you – irrespective of whether you believe yourself to be a cat, a dog or your Chinese Zodiac sign of the rat.  

Intelligent and talented – whether for chasing balls or dancing on your paws like Pudsey – Rats should seize this year’s opportunities to dazzle their friends and owners.

Ox Signs  (born between 26th Jan 2009 to 13th February 2010)

Pets born in an Ox year are good tempered and patient.  They are gentle in nature and make excellent family pets.  The Ox is known for being a hard worker, so if you’re a sheepdog you’ll enjoy rounding up sheep – but hopefully not herding up deer in Richmond Park!  

The year of the Water Snake should be a good year for Ox pets.  Their hard working attitude should reward them with plenty of well deserved treats.  However, watch out for your tendency to be overly determined and think before you act – lest your patient Ox behaviour becomes more like a “Bull in a China Shop”.  

Tiger Signs  (born between 28th Jan 1998 to 15th Feb 1999 or between 14th Feb 2010 and 2nd Feb 2011 

Cats born under the sign of the Tiger enjoy pouncing around and imagining that they are big, brave and fearless.  No problem, little fluffy one, that outwardly you may look small …. like the Tardis, you’re personality and courage are bigger on the inside.  

This is just as well, since the Chinese horoscope for Tiger pets shows that some real battles in 2013 may lie ahead.  But hey, as Simba says in the Lion King “I walk on the wild side, I laugh in the face of danger!”  If anyone can overcome any difficulties during 2013, it will be you my big brave Tiger – even if you are a dog or a goldfish!

Rabbit (born between 16th Feb 1999 – 4th Feb 2000 or 3rd Feb 2011 – 22nd Jan 2012)

Pets born under the sign of the Rabbit are sensitive, gentle and compassionate.  You are the pet who is always on hand with a slurpy lick or a reassuring purr when your owners are feeling a bit down.  

Your upbeat positive personality makes everyone feel happy – except perhaps when you trot in with muddy paws or a half dead mouse. 

This year your lucky star arrives so you will have even more to be happy about.  Perhaps your owners will win the lottery, perhaps that yappy dog next door will move away.  Whatever it is you’ll be having a right rollicking good year.     

Dragon (born between 2nd May 2000 – 23rd Jan 2001 or 23rd Jan 2012 – 9th Feb 2013)

Pets born under the sign of the Dragon are lively, clever and excitable.  Not surprisingly for a Dragon, some fiery behaviour often occurs – particularly with the arrival of the postmen and other strangers turning up at the door.   

This year could be a bit of a roller coaster for those born under the sign of the Dragon.  To avoid problems this year try applying a bit of Feng Shui: If your pet bowl is located in the centre of the house the arrival of the 5 star creates too much of the element earth.  Swop your ceramic food bowl for a metal one or one that’s in white or black.  Then, if your pet bed is facing the South East, watch out for a negative energy force called the Grand Duke.  Keep one eye open at all times, ready to bark your head off and chase him back from where he came.  

Snake (born between 24th Jan 2001 – 11th Feb 2002) 

Although pets born under the Snake sign may look easy going on the surface, underneath, as you will discover, is an intensely determined and passionate creature. 

Snake sign pets love a sense of mystery and enjoy keeping their owners on their toes.  Your keys have gone missing? Now where could they be? Your pet dog or cat will enjoy this game.  Have they hidden them? They will not tell. 

2013 is when Snake pets encounter the Year of their sign, so for them, the year of the Water Snake may have good luck or bad – typically for the Snake, it’s a mystery!  Watch out for unexpected things happening, including the arrival of your lucky star that will help smooth your way during this eventful Snake year.   

Horse (born between 02/12/2002-01/31/2003)

This hot blooded pet rarely listens to commands.  Sit!?… Down!?… they have no idea what that means.  Pets born under the Horse Sign dislike any constraint.  They’ll be the ones pulling at the dog lead and scratching away at the cat flap after you’ve locked up and gone to bed.  

The horse loves his freedom but loves to be in the limelight to0.  He’ll be ready to show visitors his latest trick – not necessarily when you want him to but when it seems like a great idea.  

2013 will be a year when the Horse sign needs to become just a little bit more stable – and by that I don’t mean going to live in one.  Pets born under the sign of the Horse get bored very easily and are often found galloping backwards and forwards – if not round and round in circles chasing their tail – and all for the sake of achieving some entertaining diversion.  Maybe learn to chill out a little this Water Snake Year?  Think calming water…think zen…”Patience Grasshopper”

Sheep (born between 1st Feb 2003 – 21st Jan 2004) 

Pets born under the sign of the Sheep are clever, kind hearted creatures but with a tendency to worry and be moody.  This is a pet that can be bouncing around happily one minute and then growling or hissing at the slightest thing the next.  Super sensitive they are, so if pet owners have been feeling a bit anxious lately then Sheepy pets will have been picking up on that too.  These are pets that need lots of hugs and reassurance that everything is ok.  

Fortunately, this Water Snake year brings good luck for Sheepy pets.  Concentrate on getting their/your health and stress levels back to normal – or as normal as they can be for a Sheep Sign  –  and everything will turn out ok.  Maybe switch to some organic pet food or try out some Pet Pilates.  Repeat the mantra: I’m ok, you’re ok, we’re all ok … OK! 

Monkey (born between 22nd Jan 2004 – 8th Feb 2005)

Those born in the Year of the Monkey are clever lively and love jumping about.   Catch a ball and back flip on the way down – no problem!  Leap from tree to tree chasing a squirrel – easy peasy! These Monkey sign pets give a whole new meaning to natural selection!

This Water Snake Year will be full of ups and downs for the Monkey.  Take care to make the right choices: Chew that slipper and you’ll probably get into trouble; scratch the sofa and you’re likely to get thrown out the door.  My mischievous Monkey pet, do please think before you act this year.  Just because Houdini was a Monkey Sign doesn’t mean that you’ll always get out of trouble quite so easily. 

Rooster  born between 9th Feb 2005 – 28th Jan 2006 

Like the rooster who crows at dawn every morning, so pets born under this sign are sticklers for time.  These are the pets that jump on your bed to inform you its breakfast and don’t give up until you trudge wearily downstairs to feed them.  

Rooster pets are often very attractive and know it.  Rooster dogs think they are potential Crufts winners and Rooster cats spend hours preening their fur and looking totally smug.  

Pets born under the sign of the Rooster can expect good fortune from the year of the Water Snake.  Seize all opportunities to impress everyone you meet with your cute looks and talents.  Try walking backwards on your paws and dancing to music – this seemed to work well for Pudsey – and this could be the year to get all the attention you desire.  Cockadoodledoo! Go for it Rooster!

Dog born between 29th January 2006 – 17th Feb 2007  

Dogs born under the sign of the Dog will be reassured to know that they are Double Dogs whereas Cats who are also Dogs will be none too pleased – if not totally schizophrenic! Dog Dogs work well as part of a team whereas Cat Dogs will tell you to hiss off and trot off to do exactly as they please.  

Loyalty is very important to those born under the sign of the Dog.  They’ll guard your house, chase off unwelcome cats that dig up your garden and snuggle up to you when you are feeling low. Everyone loves a Dog – even when they are a Cat (are you keeping up with all of this?)

After last year’s difficult Year of the Dragon, 2013 should be a walk in the park for those born under the sign of the Dog.  And speaking about walks in the park, you really should get out more.  The stress of the past year will have taken its toll on Dog Sign pets and some extra fresh air will revitalise you and make you ready for a fresh New Year start.  

Pig born between 18th February 2007 – 6th February 2008 

Pets born under the sign of the Pig are tolerant, optimistic and loyal.  They are also very trusting and as such get a bit fed up when you tempt them with smells of lovely food and end up eating it all yourself.  

Pig signs can also get a little impulsive.  Chasing postmen can suddenly seem a good idea as can scratching your favourite piece of furniture.  

In this Water Snake year, Pig sign pets should flourish.  Your virtual pig sty should be filled to abundance.  However, do not be fooled that everyone is as loyal as a pig.  There will be some tricky animals around this year as indeed there will be dodgy humans.  Trust in your instincts my cuddly pet and you’ll spend the rest of the year as happy as a pig in clover.  

Check out which Chinese Sign of the Zodiac you are with our:  Animal Signs for Pets and their Owners Calendar. 


Rat 24th Jan 1936 — 11th Feb 1937

Ox 11th Feb 1937— 31st Jan 1938

Tiger 31st Jan 1938— 19th Feb 1939

Rabbit 19th Feb 1939 — 8th Feb 1940

Dragon 8th Feb 1940—27th Jan 1941

Snake 27th Jan 1941—15th Feb 1942

Horse 15th Feb 1942—4th Feb 1943

Sheep 4th Feb 1943— 25th Jan 1944

Monkey 25th Jan 1944— 13th Feb1945

Rooster 13th Feb 1945—1st Feb 1946 

Dog 1st Feb 1946— 22nd Jan 1947

Pig 22nd Jan 1947—10th Feb 1948

Rat 10th Feb 1948—29th Jan 1949

Ox 29th Jan 1949—17th Feb 1950

Tiger 17th Feb 1950—6th Feb 1951

Rabbit 6th Feb 1951—27th Jan 1952

Dragon 27th Jan 1952— 14th Feb 1953

Snake  14th Feb 1953— 3rd Feb 1954

Horse 3rd Feb 1954— 24th Jan 1955

Sheep 24th Jan 1955—12th Feb 1956

Monkey 12th Feb 1956—27th Jan 1957

Rooster 31st Jan 1957—18th Feb 1958

Dog 18th Feb 1958—8th Feb 1959

Pig  8th Feb 1959—28th Jan 1960

Rat 28th Jan 1960—15th Feb 1961

Ox 15th Feb 1961—5th Feb 1962

Tiger 5th Feb 1962—25th Jan 1963

Rabbit 25th Jan 1963—13th Feb 1964

Dragon 13th Feb 1964—2nd Feb 1965

Snake 2nd Feb 1965—21st Jan 1966

Horse 21st Jan 1966—9th Feb 1967

Sheep 9th Feb 1967—30th Jan 1968

Monkey 30th Jan 1968—17th Feb 1969

Rooster 17th Feb 1969—6th Feb 1970

Dog 6th Feb 1970—27th Jan 1971

Pig (27th Jan 1971—15th Feb 1972

Rat 15th Feb 1972—3rd Feb 1973

Ox 3rd Feb 1973—23rd Jan 1974

Tiger 23rd Jan 1974—11th Feb 1975

Rabbit 11th Feb 1975—31st Jan 1976

Dragon 31st Jan 1976—18th Feb 1977

Snake 18th Feb 1977—7th Feb 1978

Horse 7th Feb 1978—28th Jan 1979

Sheep 28th Jan 1979—16th Feb 1980

Monkey 16th Feb 1980—5th Feb 1981

Rooster 5th Feb 1981—25th Jan 1982

Dog 25th Jan 1982—13th Feb 1983

Pig 13th Feb 1983—2nd Feb 1984

Rat 2nd Feb 1984—20th Feb 1985

Ox 20th Feb 1985—9th Feb 1986

Tiger 9th Feb 1986—29th Jan 1987

Rabbit 29th Jan 1987—17th Feb 1988

Dragon 17th Feb 1988—6th Feb 1989

Snake 6th Feb 1989—27th Jan 1990

Horse 27th Jan 1990—15th Feb 1991

Sheep 15th Feb 1991—4th Feb 1992

Monkey 4th Feb 1992—23rd Jan 1993

Rooster 23rd Jan1993—10th Feb 1994

Dog 10th Feb 1994—31st Jan 1995

Pig 31st Jan 1995—19th Feb 1996

Rat 19th Feb 1996—7th Feb 1997

Ox 7th Feb 1997—28th Jan 1998

Tiger 28th Jan 1998—16th Feb 1999

Rabbit 16th Feb 1999—5th Feb 2000

Dragon 5th Feb 2000—24th Jan 2001

Snake 24th Jan 2001—12th Feb 2002

Horse 12th Feb 2002—1st Feb 2003

Sheep 1st Feb 2003—22nd Jan 2004

Monkey 22nd Jan 2004—9th Feb 2005

Rooster 9th Feb 2005—29th Jan 2006

Dog 29th Jan 2006—18th Feb 2007

Pig 18th Feb 2007—7th Feb 2008

Rat 7th Feb 2008—26th Jan 2009

Ox 26th Jan 2009—14th Feb 2010

Tiger 14th Feb 2010—3rd Feb 2011

Rabbit 3rd Feb 2011—23rd Jan 2012

Dragon 23rd Jan 2012—10th Feb 2013

Snake 10th Feb 2013—31st Feb 2013

Horse 31st Feb 2014—18th Feb 2013 

Sheep 18th Feb 2015—8th Feb 2016

Monkey 8th Feb 2016—2017-01-28)

Rooster 2017-01-28—2018-02-15)

Dog 15th Feb 2018—5th Feb 2019

Pig 5th Feb 2019—25th Jan 2020




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