Feng Shui Remedies for 2013 – Year of the Water Snake

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Feng Shui Remedies for the Year of the Water Snake

Although the arrival of the Water Snake Year in 2013 has many positive aspects, some Feng Shui Practitioners are predicting problems due to the positioning of this year’s “Flying Stars” on the Chinese Astrological Chart.  

The nine “Flying Stars” indicate the positive and negative forces of energy in a building and change their position with each year.  This year, the following areas in the home and office are considered to have potential problems from the new Feng Shui Year from February 4th 2013. 

The Number 5 star “flies” into the centre from February and with it the potential for misfortune and bad luck.  Remedies include hanging a metal wind chime and placing metal objects in the area of the building where the Number 5 star falls, to dissipate the bad earth energy. 

The number 3 star, believed to influence conflicts and the family, flies into the East. Placing red in this area is one remedy that can be used. 

The number 2 star that is believed to influence illness, flies into the South West this Feng Shui year.  A salt water remedy is one way to help dissipate the potential problems of the number 2 star.  

Salt has long been used as an ancient way of cleansing bad energy in buildings. 

A Salt water remedy combines rock salt and water with 6 coins in a container (ideally metal).  Fill the container approx ¾ full with salt and place 6 coins on top. Add water until it reaches the top and place the container where it cannot be knocked over – but keep it uncovered.  You will need top up the container periodically with more water. Throw the whole container away at the end of the feng shui year or renew it during the year if the negative energy it has absorbed has made it very unpleasant.   

Salt cures can be used to negate negative energy for the number 2, 3 and 5 star locations

Two other negative energy sources are due to arrive in the South East and the East during the Water Snake year.  One of these is known as “The Grand Duke” and this year the negative energy source arrives in the South East.  It is considered unfavourable to sit facing the direction of the South East or undertake major construction work during the Water Snake Year. 

Another negative energy source arriving in the East is known as the “Three Killings”. People should avoid sitting with their back against the East during the Water Snake Year.  

Feng Shui practitioners advise people to avoid sleeping or working for long periods of time in areas where bad negative energy stars are located in their home and office.  This of course, may not be possible, if there are no alternative areas in which to relocate.  In these situations, various remedies are placed in order to minimise the influence of the negative energy sources.  

There are also many positive energy sources arriving at various compass positions. 

These include: the Number 1 Water Star for Achievement that arrives in the North; the Number 6 Good Metal Star for Heavenly Help that arrives in the North West; the Number 8 Earth Star for Abundance that arrives in the North East; and the Number 9 Fire Star for Celebration and Future Wealth that arrives in the South.

There are many ways of enhancing these areas to maximise their benefits and to help offset the effects of the negative stars.  

Feng Shui remedies do not require strange looking Chinese creatures and objects that are often found online.  Many remedies can be simply applied by using colour; improving light levels, increasing positive energy with plants and implementing commonly found items within the home. 

Himalayan salt lamps are a lovely way to enhance lighting and are believed to help reduce allergens, pollutants and electromagnetic frequencies for added health and well being benefits.  Their subtle and almost magical lighting is able to fit into many types of home styling.

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