Chinese New Year – Year of the Water Snake

Water Snake

Chinese New Year

The Year of the Water Snake

Having recently welcomed in one New Year, it’s time to party again with celebrations for Chinese New Year.  This year it’s the year of the Yin Water Snake which, according to Chinese Astrology, means that 2013 should be a year for optimism, innovation and progress – and not before time I hear you say! 

As the Chinese calendar runs on a 60 year cycle, each year is represented by one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac – plus one of the 5 elements, metal, water, wood, fire or earth. The 12 animals are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. 

Each year also alternates by being either a Yin or a Yang year – this is believed to influence each animal and element year by making them more passive or more active in their manifestations.

In the Chinese Calendar, the different animals and elements rotate and the Yin and Yang alternate with each year so that no combination is exactly the same for a cycle of 60 years.  For example the last time there was a Yin Water Snake was back in 1953, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned and the Korean War ended.  

The fixed element of the Snake Sign is Fire and as 2013 is a Water Snake year, this is symbolised by Water over Fire.  As 2013 is a Yin year and Water is a Yin element also, this should bring about a level of calm to the underlying Yang Fire of the Snake.

So what does all this mean for all of us and what can we expect in this Water Snake Year of 2013. 

The last Water Snake Year in 1953 was the period of the USA/USSR cold war.  There were hostilities but the Yin Water elements appear to have brought a level of world peace – although there were tensions and potential problems underneath.  This suggests that although world hostilities will continue, the Water Snake year will minimise the emergence of war and conflicts.

On an economic note, with the fixed fire element of the Snake year, we can expect substantial improvements in financial markets as investors and the stock market starts to improve.  The strong fire of the Snake year should see people becoming more positive and optimistic, so while it’s early days to rush out and buy the champagne, it looks like the economy should pick up by mid year.  

Water Snake years are believed to be excellent years for starting new projects and recharging one’s life – whether for improving your finances, your career prospects, your health or finding romance. 

For many Chinese Zodiac signs, this year will be an interesting time with new opportunities coming your way.  However, whether you are starting a new venture or refreshing an ongoing one, care should be taken over finances and paperwork.  






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